The BRO-HF team is officially the winner of the 2015 bursary of the Société Québécoise d'Insuffisance Cardiaque of 2000$ in the category 'Heart failure in women'.


The BRO-HF team is excited to invite all cardiology & internal medicine residents for an information session that will take place at the CCS Congress in Toronto on October 25th, at 6:00 PM in the Quebec Room at the Fairmont Hotel. Please see the attached flyer for more information and invite your colleagues! Attending physicians are also welcome.


The BRO-HF executive committee was featured in August's issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). This article discusses the BRO-HF initiative and the concept of resident-initiated research. Read the online release here.


The BRO-HF team publishes its first review on PPCM in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. In this review, we have identified bromocriptine and pentoxifylline as potential agents to treat women affected by PPCM. Read the abstract here.

The bromocritpine in heart failure initiative

Not just another RCT...

  • The first canadian collectively-operated fellow-initiated multicenter RCT

  • Network across cardiology residency programs

  • The ambition to perform the largest peripartum cardiomyopathy RCT ever.

We aspire to change the way PPCM is treated

To achieve this, we will conduct a prospective multi-center open label RCT to determine if treatment with bromocriptine is associated with an improvement of LVEF, quality of life and cardiovascular outcomes. We will also describe the principles of Collectively-Operated Fellow-Initiated Research (COFIR). You can find more information on our trial by looking on (NCT02590601).

We aim to create the next generation of leaders in innovative trial designs and clinical trials.

The BRO-HF initative started at Université de Montréal, but will involve residents from cardiology programs across Canada. By establishing a network among residents from an ocean to another and through active collaboration between trainees and future cardiologists across Canada, we will initiate residents to collaborative research and develop a permanent framework to allow organized prospective research.

The BRO-HF initiative already has numerous presentations about PPCM & innovating methods for research and resident-led trials under the COFIR principles.

Despite our young group, we hold numerous publications & presentations about the issue and about improving research in Canada's core residency curriculum. Please consult our online CV for more information.

Marc Jolicoeur

Dr E. Marc Jolicoeur, MD MSc MHS FRCP-C FACC FSCAI is an associate professor at the Université de Montréal and an interventional cardiologist specialized in advanced coronary artery disease and refractory angina at the Montreal Heart Institute. He received his MD degree in 2000 from the Université of Montréal (Canada) and obtained his specialty board in cardiology in 2006, followed by a fellowship at Duke University. His research interest revolves around the development of new treatment options for patients unsuitable for revascularization. He runs a large practice of patients with refractory angina.

Maxime Tremblay-Gravel

Maxime Tremblay-Gravel is a resident in the adult cardiology program at the University of Montreal. He obtained his medical degree, training in internal medicine and is currently doing a masters in biomedical sciences (clinical research) at the University of Montreal. He has authored in peer-reviewed articles and presented in national and international conferences.


Robert Avram

Robert Avram is a cardiology Fellow at Université de Montréal. He has authored 3 original contributions published in peer-review journals and presented 8 abstracts at national and internal conferences. His research interest revolve around interventional cardiology, the treatment of refractory angina, peripartum heart failure and digital healthcare. In his free time, Dr Avram has funded Method MD inc and developped the Roundr application that can be used by teams of physicians to create simple lists of patients while sharing them wirelessly in an encrypted manner. He is also involved in residents affair by being the treasurer and administrator of the FMRQ (Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec), the largest Canadian resident federation.


Guillaume Marquis-Gravel

Guillaume Marquis Gravel completed his Doctorate in Medicine and his Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Montreal. He also completed in parallel a Masters in Biomedical Sciences (Dean’s Honours list), at the Montreal Heart Institute. He authored 9 original contributions published in peer-reviewed journals, including 6 as the first author, and wrote 2 textbook chapters. He is a member of the CCS Trainee Committee and of the CCS Continuous Professional Development Committee. He has also been active as a reviewer for peer-reviewed journals and to abstracts submitted for the CCC. He presented more than 30 abstracts at national and international conferences.

Olivier Desplantie

Olivier Desplantie is currently a Cardiology Fellow at Université de Montréal. He completed his Medical Degree from McGill University and his Internal Medicine Residency from the University of British Columbia. He has published 1 article as first-author in a peer-reviewed journal and has 2 more abstracts underway. Furthermore, he has presented at many national conferences. His main academic interests are Congestive Heart Failure and non-ischemic cardiomyopathies.


Anique Ducharme


François Simard

François Simard completed his medical degree and training in internal medicine from the Université de Montréal and is currently a resident in adult cardiology of the same university. He is involved in a few research projects, notably in the fields of ischemic post-conditioning and heart failure.


Etienne Couture

Etienne L. Couture completed his Doctorate in Medicine and his Internal Medicine Residency at University of Sherbrooke. He is currently a resident in adult cardiology at Sherbrooke University. He also completed in parallel a second-cycle degrees in health sciences pedagogy. He authored 1 original contribution published in peer-reviewed journals and presented 4 abstracts at international conferences.


Lior Bibas

Lior Bibas is currently a Fellow in Adult Cardiology at McGill University. He completed his Medical Doctorate as well as his Internal Medicine residency at University of Montreal. He has authored two articles and is working on other forthcoming projects.


Dan Tran

Dan Tran is a General Internal Medicine Fellow at Laval University. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Physiology as well as his MDCM medical degree at McGill University, and completed his Internal Medicine training at University of Montreal. He has co-authored one original paper for a peer-reviewed journal and presented its abstract at a provincial conference, in addition to having performed a Quality of Practice Review on septic shock in 2014. Aside from BRO-HF, he is currently working on various other projects including: bringing benchside to bedside by examining cytokinic-clinical correlations in systemic sclerosis, conducting another Quality of Practice Review on osteporosis protection in cortico-treated patients, and creating a comprehensive healthcare promotion document for chronic kidney disease patients.


Christine Pacheco

Dr Pacheco is a 5th year Cardiology Resident at Université de Montréal. After obtaining her Doctorate of Medecine from Université de Montréal, she completed a certificate in International Health while pursuing her residency. Her current areas of interest in medical research include heart failure and peripartum cardiomyopathy. She has published a case report and presented at national and provincial conferences. She is currently a member of the Executive Committee of Université's de Montréal Residents' Association (AMRM).


Anthony Poulin

Anthony Poulin completed his Doctorate in Medicine at University of Sherbrooke and is currently a resident in internal medicine at Laval University. He authored 1 original contribution and has 2 more abstracts underway. He also presented 1 abstract at a provincial conference. His interests are interventional cardiology and medical education. He is also a delegate of the FMRQ (Fédération des Médecins Résidents du Québec).


Isabelle Malhamé

Isabelle Malhamé is a General Internal Medicine fellow at McGill University. She has completed her medical doctorate at University of Montreal, and pursued her residency training at McGill University. Her research interest is obstetric medicine. She has contributed to projects on antenatal care services in Uganda and obstetric ultrasound techniques, and she is the main author of a systematic review on latent tuberculosis in pregnancy. She is a candidate for the Master’s program in clinical epidemiology at McGill University.


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